Our Values

We strongly believe that the core values are the base for a great Company.

In MICLA Engineering & Design, we can say that our values guide us in the daily work, both in the internal relationships and in the customers’ ones.


ENTHUSIASM: Passion, commitment and motivation. We believe that these are the key aspects which make the difference in the daily work.

INTEGRITY: We build and develop relationships based on honesty and integrity at every level, because in this way it is possible to build and keep productive and good relations.

CARING ABOUT PEOPLE: Our strength comes from our people. We strongly believe in training and in the opportunity for everyone to grow professionally.

TEAM SPIRIT: Collaboration is a value to us. It is one of those aspects that allows us to achieve the most important goals.

RESPONSIBILITY: From the individual responsibility to the social responsibility. In MICLA Engineering & Design, this word means Responsibility for everyone, at every level, because together we aim at building a better place to work, day by day.

TRUST: This is a cross value, beacuse Trust is the way we operate in all the relationships we keep: between colleagues, clients, suppliers and candidates.