During these last years, MICLA Engineering & Design has had the opportunity to collaborate with a prestigious multinational company manufacturer of ball valves (with several application as: cryogenic, high temperature, HIPPS and subsea applications) in the Oil & Gas industry.

In this context, MICLA Engineering & Design has provided for several years a support team in the technical office of the customer, in order to produce these activities:

– 2D draws (for production or commercial)

– 3D model & assembly

– control, or calculation, of tolerances

– checks about interference and gaps

– modification or completion of Bill of Material

– sizing of some additional components

about these components:

BODY: size from ½ “to 60”; normal, partial or fully welded; with pressure class up to ANSI 2500 and API 10000

CLOSURES: with definition and control of the nuts and bolts to determine the exact distribution of the stresses consistently to the calculations and the required specifications

ROD: single stick or double stick; with various lower ends connection and with special exterior treatment

BALL : with partial welding; with different tolerances and ends; also eyebolts choice location for workshop

SEATS: single effect (SEP) or double effect (DEP)

GLAND FLANGE : various models and gutters, with partial welding and special extension of length

MOTOR FLANGE : various models and sizes, with different tolerances and different connections with gear motor in accordance to the specific requests

STANDARD COMPONENTS: springs, anti-static ball, O-rings and all various types of gasket; creation of relative 3D’s catalogue using parametric commands