MICLA Engineering & Design can provide a full range of product design and engineering activities.

The specialist knowledge about vehicles engineering allow to include in these activities all aspects of the development process from initial concepts through to manufacturing and production launch.

Its strenght is represented from the will to continuing investment in skills, resources and people.

Its competences let to develop engineering activities in these fields:


CAD design is one of the core services that MICLA Engineering & Design provides to its customers. They can be producers or suppliers; MICLA Engineering & Design is available to the satisfaction of all their needs, as different they can be. By the most currently CAD SW used, MICLA Engineering & Design is able to provide a full range […]


MICLA Engineering & Design can design and develop body in white, from the shape to the structure.

The experience of MICLA Engineering & Design allow to use conventional steel, lightweight steel, aluminium and composite materials.


MICLA Engineering & Design has wide experience in developing interior trim and exterior trim design; as well as managing engineering programs and the integration of complete systems or individual components. Every single experience can include design feasibility, analysis, material choice, fixing methods, joint conditions, prototyping and testing assistance, dimensional management validation and implementation in order to […]


MICLA Engineering & Design expertise enables it to design and develop the chassis systems.

Its engineers have experience in the installation of components and tuning of vehicle systems.


The packaging activities make sure that the CAD model is accurate, updated, and ensure that all vehicle elements will be congruent to the project developed, before to build a physical prototype. All in order to ensure that the accuracy of the vehicle package is not compromised.