MICLA Engineering & Design can provide a complete service about Electrical/Electronic area.

Its expertise includes these fields:

EE Architecture & Integration

  • Functional architecture
  • System integration
  • Diagnosis

EE energy power and distribution

  • Wiring cad design
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Hybrid vehicle

EE testing & validation

  • Test case
  • Integration testing
  • Components testing
  • HIL activity

EE audio & telematics

Telematics is born from the unification of informatics and telecommunication technology in order to integrate data processing systems and remote information transmission.

Today the transportation field begin to use vehicles which communicate and are connected to the outside world with a large range of entertainment, information or support services (multimedia, navigation, geolocation, telephony, etc.).

In this particular environment MICLA Engineering & Design can provide these supports:

  • Component quality
  • Remote assistance & control

EE components

  • PCs activities
  • Suppliers management
  • Localization

EE safety

  • ISO 26262

EE cabin

  • Components selection
  • Components adaptation